Breaking the Binary (acrostic)

 Hi everyone! Today, I bring you the first ever acrostic I've made! Was it the wisest to pick a super long quote for my first acrostic? Probably not, but I soldiered on, and I think this is pretty fun. That said, this is the first puzzle I've made that I'm fairly certain will not work well as an embed on my blog, so you'll need to click through to Crossword Nexus.

For those of you who don't recognize the quote, you will probably want to watch this video (which is very spoilery!) for slightly more context. Would you believe that the original quote is more than twice as long as this acrostic?

Thank you to Alex Boisvert for test solving and for building the tools necessary to create this acrostic!

Solve the puzzle on Crossword Nexus


  1. today I learned that both of my hometown's presidential connections have 15 letters


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